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Our Gym Passport is Pakistan wide with some of the top gyms on our roster!


Benefits of Parterning with us

It's FREE!

Joining and staying to be our partner will cost you nothing. EVER!

new customers

We target people outside of your target area and bring in more users to your Gym that otherwise would not visit.

more income

Create a new revenue stream with every member that visits your fitness center.


5 Simple Steps

  • Register to get started
  • A member of our team will contact you and assist you in the partnership process
  • Your gym will be added onto our platform. We will also update our users that you are now a Gym Passport partner
  • Allow Gym Passport members to visit your facility during staffed hours. Validate their check-in and let them enjoy their workout!
  • Receive more income with every Gym Passport member that visits.


Some of our Gym Partners across Pakistan


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