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By Yousaf Ali April 25, 2023

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the first blog post of Gym Passport, Pakistan’s largest gym network. We provide corporate entities with the opportunity to utilize our network of over 300 gyms throughout Pakistan.


Founded by Umer Aslam and Yousaf Ali, Gym Passport is a one-of-a-kind initiative in Pakistan, enabling employers to keep their employees fit and healthy.


No matter what’s your location in Pakistan, we will help you stand apart by giving your employees hassle-free access to Pakistan’s most elite gyms.

Why Get Gym Passport Membership for Your Employees?

Every small investment in the wellness of your employees is an investment in your business. The healthier, fitter and happier your workforce is, the more productive your workplace will be.


Here’s how you can win employee loyalty by buying Gym Passport memberships for them:


  • Demonstrate that you really care about their health and wellness.
  • Be the first one in a competitive corporate industry to promote a culture of employee well-being.
  • A healthier workforce means reduced work loss due to sickness.
  • Very few corporations and employers add a gym to normal employee benefits. Do this and you will be seen differently.
  • Improve employee morale.
  • In case you can’t afford other employee benefits right now, such as health insurance and paid tours, a gym membership will compensate for that to a great extent.


Why trust Gym Passport?

Gym Passport is the choice of Pakistan’s leading brands. To name a few:


  • Systems Ltd
  • Fatima Group
  • Synergy IT
  • Fast Cables
  • Dastgyr
  • And many more…


Where else can you find a gym membership for your employees for less than the cost of two large pizzas?


And despite such affordable monthly membership plans, we give your employees access to Pakistan's most well-equipped gyms in all major cities of the country. Rural or urban, Gym Passport is everywhere!


Why This Blog?

This is just the beginning of lots of exciting things to come in the future. From health and fitness tips to comprehensive guides for workout addicts, we are going to tap into the depth of wellness topics you will find nowhere else.


Are you ready to put the expert fitness tips into practice? Then stay with us. We will amaze you with lots of valuable content.